Ethan Hedeyat is a singer/songwriter from Huntington Beach CA. With a mother from Kentucky, a father from Iran and raised in Southern California Ethan received a very eclectic musical upbringing. He started playing piano at the age of 4, Violin at 6 and guitar at 9. Ethan moved to Irvine at 13 and Played in bands throughout high school. His peers consist of members of Sugar Ray, Rage Against the Machine and Warrant. He left college after one semester and moved to LA with his band in the late ’80s, playing in Hollywood for 13 years. He moved back to Orange County and established the RaidoDrone project, one of OCs most highly revered rock bands.

Ethan has now just released a new EP called “Loves My Way” along with Keith Lowers, Jon Knox and Charley Peck making the band “Beach City Cowboys”.

With over thirty years of writing and performing, Ethan has developed a sound that is hauntingly poetic, heartfelt and rich in storytelling. Ethan’s strong talents as a lyrical and musical writer merge with his passionate voice and captivating performances.

SOURCE: Official Bio