Ben Coen was born in the 80s’, not only physically but artistically too. Classic music was his first love; but he felt that there was something inside him, something he felt the need to express.

At the age of 13 he began to write his first songs, influenced by american urban culture and the english pop, that he loves so much. Over the years, he tries to perfect his way of writing lyrics and music, and he approaches other genres, up to lead to a more dance-able European house music and sometimes even electronic.

He starts releasing the first songs with Harry Tower’s collaboration, an historic Dj from New York, in 2008, strongly influenced by the 90s music. Songs like “Check this out”, “Lady” are only the beginning. In these years he keeps on creating and releasing new projects with italian labels like “Leave this time”, a trance club track, “Supertruck” and “This Time”. In 2016 it’s the moment to come back to his first love, in EDM style, publishing “Make it real” with his american friends: Life is one, your dream I feel, just take your chance and Make it real”.

Now it’s time for “A Reason to Love”, it’s time to listen, dance and share the Love!

SOURCE: Official Bio