Photo by Scott W Coleman Photography

Ben Draiman was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and has been a singer-songwriter as well as a pianist from the young age of 13 years old. Heavily influenced by a wide variety of music and styles, his music can best be described as strong, emotional, melodic rock, fusing the softness of the piano along side the intensity and roughness of electric guitar.

There is a special depth in his lyrics that cover a variety of topics from the deeply personal to the philosophical. He has been performing more intensively over the past 4 years in the local music scene.

His performances as well as his music’s unique intensely emotional and authentic style has set him apart from many other artists and has continued to draw larger audiences over the years all across the age demographic. His single “Soon Enough” which was released separately last year in anticipation of his 6-Track EP, released later this year, was on regular rotation on 94X in British Columbia, placing number 91 of the top 94 songs of 2011,

It has also been featured several times on Rock 108 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and has been on quite a few local stations and online stations.