Straight out of Hannover, Germany comes Betweenzone. The band is made up of Dave M. Rile on vocals and production and East on guitars and bass. Betweenzone’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole, amalgamating elements of electronic dance, indie-rock, and retro rock with tinctures of psychedelia tossed in for flavor.

New Album You Give Your Life Away

Betweenzone’s new album You Give Your Life Away will come out in spring 2018. Here we present a preview of five of the songs from the forthcoming album.

“Put It Away” opens with Spanish-flavored guitar leading into a thumping groove powered by a Jovian kick drum. Quavering synths inject lustrous harmonics contrasting with the reverberating bassline, giving the tune an exotic electro-pop flavor. Rile’s reedy tenor voice imbues the lyrics with a pungent, compact texture.

“Such A Big Mistake” begins with discordant, scratchy sound effects and then flows into a funk-based R&B/jazz melody. The beat is tight and crisp, riding beneath braying horns that impose strident colors. Rile’s voice attains a reggae smack and cadence that work well with the melody. The overall feel of the song exudes a retro electro-pop essence.

Potent Bassline and Twangy Guitar

“Time Has Come” merges keyboards and a potent bassline into a pop-flavored melody that’s tantalizingly horizontal in effect. I love the juxtaposition of the twangy guitar with the shimmering colors of the synth. And Rile’s tenor assumes a quasi-falsetto relish that’s scrumptious, especially with the soft “ooh ooh” background harmonies.

“Dreamscape” takes things down a notch, blending psychedelic prog-rock aromas with jangling guitars and industrial metallic synths. The rhythmic pulse of the tune wavers and pulses with gentle energy, as Rile’s voice again takes on a narrow reedy timbre. The chorus descends in tone, assuming a Beatles-esque “I Am The Walrus” lilt, along with a kaleidoscopic aura.

SOURCE: Official Bio