2522726A vacation came in the form of making music. When Billy Reed (vocals/rhythm guitar) went to work as a sales consultant for a water delivery company on a usual workday morning, he didn’t think he’d come across his old friend, drummer and producer, Ivan Galvan, who was busy with yard work on that lucky February day. After days of making music, they decided to summon old friends and talented musicians, Joel Tinoco (bassist) and Carlos Espadas (lead guitarist). Billy The Kid & The Lucky Poets were formed in Pomona, California during the spring of 2013.

Fast forward a year later, and their 10-song debut album Teleport Machine has all the elements of a carefully arranged record that is both personal and universal. The insightful lyrics and catchy hooks are entwined in a thread of melodic arrangements that range from delicate violin airs to heavy guitar strums. The musical prowess of Billy The Kid & The Lucky Poets comes from an agglomeration of talent, training, and musical influences that each band member brings to the group. The Beatles, Little Richard, Metallica, and The Smiths are just a handful of their diverse influences.

In fact, the world is now hearing what Billy The Kid & The Lucky Poets have written on Pandora®. The entire album is available for listening on Pandora® Internet Radio, and it is also available for digital purchase on iTunes. For your own hard copy of Teleport Machine, click here. Their songs also appear on The Music Monsters Game, which is a free video game app that features mainstream and independent artists. Currently, the band is also working on their first official music video that will have its worldwide debut on their YouTube channel, TheLuckyPoets.

SOURCE: Official Bio