Blue and Broke has been silent for over 10 years after a period of lot of gigs and songwriting. Now they’re back to conquer not the world but your heart, knowing they’re just halfway their story. Halfway there, halfway gone…

Blue and Broke is a Belgian band with as core members trough the ages:

  • Vocals: Melissa Anthuenis
  • Guitars: Pedro De Bruyckere
  • Keyboars: Danny Verstraete

Additional musicians:

  • Augustijn Vermandere: bass
  • Niels Delvaux: drums & percussion
  • Niels Decaster: violins
  • Joris Hermy: additional piano & string arrangements
  • Peter Ryckeboer: additional synths
  • Marc De Maeseneer: saxophone and horn arrangements
  • Frederik Heirman: trombone
  • Yves Fernandez: trompet

All songs written by P. De Bruyckere

SOURCE: Official Bio