Following the break-up of his post-hardcore project, We Cry Mercy, (a band that made a couple of appearances at the Vans Warped Tour in 2012) Brendan stopped writing and playing music altogether. In that time, he graduated college in Upstate New York and moved to Florida to embark on a new chapter in his life. This was an arduous time for him (as it is with many young professionals starting an entry-level position). He felt lost, depressed, anxious and alone. In a new city with no friends, no money and no one to lean on.

Everything changed in the fall of 2016. Long talks with close friends made him come to the realization that he could deal with “failing” if that meant he didn’t have any what-ifs in his life.

Today, in total Brendan has written, recorded and released 13 songs. His single “Set Me Free” (the first track on his album “Fear.” (released: 5/4/18)) has reached over 26,000 streams on Spotify with no signs of slowing down.

Brendan insists the best is yet to come. The ever-ambitious, highly-anticipated upcoming release “Tomorrow Through Tonight”, is set to be released in mid-October. It rocks like Dashboard Confessional meets Hawthorne Heights.

With his latest album ‘Fear’. Brendan Morrison created the perfect offering of Lo-Fi Emo Acoustic. Whilst I don’t usually condone using the Emo label, in this case, the glove fits the hand of the poignantly pensive alternative singer-songwriter and guitarist. “Set Me Free” is just one of the seven resoundingly harrowing tracks on offer from the independent artist from Jacksonville, Florida. The angst Brendan Morrison offers within his tracks comes courtesy of the lyrics which really don’t hold back allowing Set Me Free to become one of the rawest alternative tracks I’ve checked out this year.
– Amelia Vandergast – A&R Factory

SOURCE: Official Bio