Caglar Hepterlikci, a professional guitarist and producer based in Istanbul, Turkey has released an EP, “Parallel Journey.” It’s inspired by the stunning image of the super-massive black hole image generated by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. The historical event that captured humankind’s ingenuity left Caglar Hepterlikci creating an awesome piece of music with 80s vibe and modern beats. “Parallel Journey” is a preview of Caglar Hepterlikci’s full 80s sounding futurist album in Autumn 2019.

“Parallel Journey” is available on all music platforms that are Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/YouTube Music. Having premiered on 14 April 2019, Parallel Journey Extended play is the first Blackhole song, with inspiration derived from space science along with a mind-boggling algorithm that went into the capturing of the first image of a black hole.

The “Parallel Journey” music video doesn’t’ feature the image of the captured black hole, but depicts a journey into space towards a black hole and has added the announcement of the image to the world. Through and through, Caglar Hepterlikci has encapsulated the inspiration of a whole generation regarding human universe milestones in the “Parallel Journey” EP.

It is after the release of “Secret Sky” did Caglar Hepterlikci release “Parallel Journey.” “When I listen to my song, I imagine a parallel dimension traveling and I get lost in it. When you give it a listen, you will get it, and I hope you like it,” says Caglar Hepterlikci about his latest composition.

Caglar Hepterlikci has worked with one of the most famous pop stars in Turkey, Murat Dalkilic. The latter is a huge artist in Turkey with billions of views and streams on Spotify and YouTube. Caglar had collaborated with Murat in 3 albums and has toured concerts with him locally and internationally to the delight of millions of people. After a decade, Caglar Hepterlikci carved his pathway and established his own production company, making his name and musical acumen his brand.

“Parallel Journey” is a song embodying the enigmatic black hole that mystifies scientists and is unraveled by one parallel journey into the universe at a time.