1. By My Side Carli Oso 4:53

Carli Oso is a New Zealand based folk rock musician. His sound is comprised of big guitars and high rise vocals contending for the podium.

Following the release of his debut EP Steal Your Shine, Carli Oso returns with his first full length album The Wrecking Joint – set for release this December. This debut LP is a testament to the myriad emotions pursuing almost all of us at present. Despair, indignation and bewilderment quash tiny islands of hope, elation and idealism in this heart-wrenching, foot stomping tribute to the times. As with Steal Your Shine, Carli wrote, recorded and produced the entire record from his home in the Northland hills, giving the record an undeniable indie feel. Big guitars contend with high-rise vocals in his latest 11 track creation.

SOURCE: Official Bio