With rhythmic roots in soul, hip-hop, and Latin pop, Cee Nario is able to both blend and transcend musical styles with his songs. From singing with internationally published hip-hop group The Antidotes to embarking on a campaign with the Jalapeno Brothers to encourage young people to exercise their rights, Cee Nario is a well-rounded artist ready to share his addictive sound with the world.​

Cee Nario has also worked with artists and producers from around the globe, including SoulChef, Jo Well, Eric Vintage, Christine Thuy Huong, DviousMindz, Robert de Boron, Hawdwerk, and D’zyl 5k1. Cee Nario has appeared on US Spanish-language television networks Telemundo and Mundo Fox as a part of the Jalapeno Brothers and has shared the stage with notable hip-hop acts like Rapsody, Blu & Exile, The Pharcyde, and Dom Kennedy.

Cee Nario was born in West Covina, California, and grew up in the nearby Los Angeles suburbs of La Puente and Baldwin Park. Cee naturally gravitated toward entertaining: he played with his brother’s old record player and danced alongside his sister, making home videos and cassette tapes loaded with hours of dancing, Michael Jackson imitations, and covers of songs like Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” and Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “Let’s Groove.” Discovered via a passion to entertain and make others laugh in elementary and high school, Cee Nario was soon being told

repeatedly by friends and strangers who heard him running through harmonies to 112 songs and N’SYNC a cappellas that, it wasn’t just funny that he could imitate a singer’s voice well… but… he could sing.

As a high school student, Cee began honing his musical talent by joining the marching band and learning basic music theory. He gravitated toward percussion – splitting time between marching with the bass, snare, and tenor; playing the drums for the spring musical; and contributing on the keys (marimba/xylophone) in the pit for field show competitions. In college, he began jamming with friends who would later form several bands but decided to focus on school and fraternity life.

In 2007, Cee Nario rekindled his relationship with his best friend from grade school, Jo Well, who had been making music with a hip-hop group called The Antidotes. The crew also included high school-era friends Phenomenon, Mark Fader, Konscious K, and DeeJay Analog. Cee began supporting his friends, attending several shows across southern California, and even began to see himself as a potential manager for the group. However, while on tour with The Antidotes in Phoenix, Arizona, the crew expressed a desire to have Cee Nario make a different kind of contribution: what if he sang on a few songs for their upcoming album? The first song to feature his vocals was “Sweet Harmony Revisited,” and was on their international debut, L.A. Lights, released by GoonTrax Japan in 2008. In 2010, they released Beat the Classics on the same label, and shortly after, Cee Nario assisted Jo Well on his debut album Beautiful Change.

After spending time with the Jalapeno Brothers group, in 2015, Cee Nario began to collaborate with a longtime friend a producer Instigate and released the singles Be My Baby and Meanness. These R&B/Hip Hop mashups formed the beginning of what would become the 2018 release, Stay Wavy EP. The two continue to work together on a full-length album while Cee Nario continues to collaborate with a who’s who of producers, songwriters, and musicians to continue to develop a brand of chill, fun, and introspective music for all to enjoy.

SOURCE: Official Bio