98230-Chris_NaumanChris Nauman is an award-winning singer/songwriter who pumps passion into his performance with his dynamic guitar work and expressive vocals. He commands the stage with a keen sense of honesty and freshness. Drawing inspiration from Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Tweedy, Colin Meloy and many others, Nauman channels his mid-Western sensibilities into a spirited blend of Americana/folk rock. Sometimes caressing, sometimes kinetic, his music is always sure to please.

Growing up in Cleveland, OH. Nauman would sit at his father’s feet listening to him play the accordion. Pumped to play music himself, Nauman first picked up the accordion and then the guitar. He cut his teeth playing the local music scene in Dayton, OH during college. He was at the center of political activism in the 1980s while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. One would find him frequently playing at local rallies and anti-war protests with local activist and folk artist, Francisco Herrera. Medical school and training derailed Nauman’s musical ambitions for more than a decade as he embraced a career as a medical oncologist. Ever a Renaissance man, he now embraces his artistic impulses as the singer/songwriter he was born to be.

Living in Massachusetts with his main squeeze, Suzy, Chris Nauman can be found frequently at venues in the Northeast. Look for him at coffeehouses, pubs or even busking in Harvard Square. He has shared the stage with notable musicians such as Vance Gilbert, and Si Kahn.

Menotomy Rocks Records is pleased to announce the release of “Better Angels”, Nauman’s second studio album. “Better Angels” is packed with 14 original songs infused with a fierce vision of living each moment deeply and deliberately.

SOURCE: Official Bio