Corinne got her start at the age of 15, writing her own songs almost as fast as her Dad could teach her the chords on her first guitar. She fronted several bands including Dragonfly, The Sun Masons, Experimental Ear Candy, and LIV. While living in Hollywood, she attended the Musician’s Institute, where she was trained in vocals and audio recording. She’s inspired by the greats, but passionate about producing a one-of-a-kind sound experience. As such, each of her songs grows from a simple guitar track into a layered electro-pop extravaganza. Her unique brand of Electronic/Pop/Alternative Dance is a nod to the high-energy Festival scene, where Corinne gauges a successful song by how easily she can hula hoop to it.

With her relatable, raw lyrics, upbeat SoCal style, and rich vocals, Corinne is a charismatic artist and soulful performer. Her songs move seamlessly from the butterfly rush of a new crush to inspirational awareness about the current state of the world, and back again to the sun and sand of Hermosa Beach. Above and beyond the pure joy of a well-produced track, Corinne uses music as a tool to foster genuine human connection. She understands music’s ability to transport us into an enhanced emotional state and has built her sound around the tenets of peace, love, and harmony. If you’re dancing like nobody’s watching, and living for a better tomorrow, you’re her kind of people.

SOURCE: Official Bio