Costin is a female fronted 6 piece Pop/Rock band. Founded by Vocalist: Consuelo’Mo’Costin, Guitar Player: Ante Novaselic & Keyboardist: Pancho Burgous.

The trio quickly realized that they had a strong chemistry, and the ability to write catchy songs.

One of the very first songs they wrote together “Better Days” caught the attention of someone in the promotions department at The American Cancer Society (ACS) who then passed Better Days up to his boss who also really liked the song and directly contacted the band himself to set up a meeting. The inspirational & deeply personal ballad was hand-picked to be the organization’s theme song for a promotional campaign The ACS was about to embark on. As a result, the band was offered (and said yes) to a one-year exclusive contract for the use of the song. Better Days went above and beyond anyone’s expectations and all proceeds from sales/downloads of Better Days went directly to the patients and families affected by this terrible disease

After the success of Better Days, the trio (Now going by the name Costin) decided to add more members to the group and started auditioning musicians. They added a second Guitarist-Fabio Soares, a Percussionist/Drummer- Sandro Nogueira & Bass Player- Kris Campbell.

With the bands line up now solidified Costin started to write for what would be their debut album and four months later found themselves at The Art of Noise studio in Hollywood CA. with award-winning engineer/producers Paul Mckenna and Peter Amatto whose credits include: Rick Ocasek of the Cars, Lyle Lovette, Sheena Easton, and Sting to name a few.

While still in the studio recording, the band found out that a DJ Remixed version of a songs they recorded during the Better Days sessions called “NAKED” landed on the Billboard Top 100 Club/Dance Songs chart at 96th and started to make the climb up the chart to the 12th spot which is where it peaked and stayed for just over a week before making its way down the chart.

Thrilled about this news the band’s creative juices were flowing and the album they were working on was looking very promising Almost done with the recording of the album an unfortunate tragedy struck the band and their singer so they had to take some time off from recording. Unfortunately, Costin never came back from their hiatus to finish this promising album they started. But fortunately, they were experienced enough to record their strongest material first. So that is what Ante Novaselic, one of the bands founding members, songwriter & guitar player had to work with. With the entire bands, blessing Ante dusted off those songs and went back to a studio to put the finishing touches on them.

Mixed & mastered Ante has been submitting the songs to various opportunities. The reviews of Naked, Better Days Mom, Say & Play Yah have been stellar. And the track Devil Inside of me has gotten some international spins on a Top 40 radio station and a fan base steadily requesting the song to be played and wanting to hear more from Costin. Some of the songs have a proven mini track record that can be verified.. The tracks speak for themselves. All they need is that one person who believes in the songs enough to give them a chance.

SOURCE: Official Bio