When Curtis T Johns’ debut EP Fears was released mid-2018 he hit the top of the iTunes charts with a No1 singer/songwriter position, No13 in the overall albums and No11 in the Official Charts “Independent Album Breakers”.

25 years old, a soul coated larynx with a marriage invitation from Nicole Scherzinger. ‘I want to marry your voice, your voice is my husband!’

Artist and Songwriter born in Yorkshire, Curtis is making a significant name for himself both sides of the Atlantic racking up an impressive array of collaborations equalling 3 million streams.

Working with artists including Matt Cardle , Callum Beattie Krrum , BJRN & Clear Six. It seems a long time ago since Curtis won BBC Ones’ talent show search ‘Let It Shine’ headed by Gary Barlow.

Curtis is currently on a third leg tour of the UK & West End with The Band Musical and working on his second EP.

SOURCE: Official Bio