12742474_564752450343406_5637068297042085310_nDan here. I’ve been playing, performing and recording music since the mid-1980s. In my college daze I warmed up a couple of times for Tracy Chapman. I played solo acoustic and in a country/rockabilly two man band (with Graham Cassano, currently of Blue Pontiac) at coffeehouses and bars around the Boston area.

I also sang and strummed in a couple of bands – including an uncharacteristically rowdy and punk influenced Grateful Dead cover band – in college. I spent some time in Malibu, California recording my first EP with ex-punk rockers Geza X and Paul Roessler. I write my own stuff and have an extensive catalog of singles and albums. My primary life gig is teaching history and coaching soccer at a super cool high school near Dartmouth College.

I have a couple of kids – both very musical. My daughter (14) and I play and record together. We spent a week in Los Angeles recording two of her songs in December 2015. I live in Quechee, Vermont, and I am happy to drive as far as needed in order to play. In fact, in 2015 I drove 6500 miles on a solo tour.

Anyway, if you ever wanted me to play a solo acoustic set at your club, bar, coffeeshop, cafe, house party, library, etc., you should give me a shout. My rates are reasonable (FREE – whatever I can get) and I bring everything set-up wise. All you have to do is provide the space, let me pass the hat, supply a glass of water and some coffee, plus an audience.

SOURCE: Official Bio