Danillo Do Dondan is a singer and songwriter, born on the 29th of October 1988 in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Growing up with his family, art and music became an essential part of his life since early childhood and with his increasing fascination with music, he started writing his first verses at the age of 12.

At the age of 18, when Danillo moved with his family to Salvador, the capital of Bahia, the growing desire came up to immerse himself in the world of music. At the school of music Ambah, he took his first singing lessons, where he got to know Yonsen Maia, who became the producer of his songs. After the school shut down, Danillo took afro-brasilian dance lessons from his teacher Marilza Oliveira at Funceb, the cultural foundation of Bahia (Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia). In 2009 he first met his life partner in Salvador, with whom he moved in 2010 to Berlin, Germany and where they registered their life partnership. In Berlin, Danillo took increasingly singing lessons from different teachers and wrote his first two songs „I Love You so Much“ and „ Guardian Angel“.

In 2012 Danillo moved to Switzerland, where he is still living. He made a break in producing music in order to learn German and English and to start with his financial studies. As his interest in music predominated, he overcame his fears, expressing his emotions in his song „Medo e Fear“

In 2015 Danillo composed his song „Saudade Que me Faz Sofrer“ dedicated to his family in Brazil, and released his song on most important digital music services as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so on. In 2015 he also presented his 2010 in Berlin self-composed song „My Guardian Angel“ to the public on the digital music services.

From that time he got on with the music and in 2017 he produced the first video clip of his song „ I love you so much (REMIX)“ with Brazilian Film producer Fotossíntese under the direction oft Filmmaker Amanda Lopez. In February 2018 he produced the second Video clip of his song Fantasy.

At present Danillo Do Dandan is working hard on his new song and the video clip of his new song ‘Fantasy’ and on his new songs for his Show, which will come out in 2018 along with his tour.

SOURCE: Official Bio