98640-Album_CoverAt first glance, DASH|TEN could seem perplexing. Fueled and funded to enlighten concert-goers to the bigger picture of the U.S. Army, that band could easily be confused for a shrewd promotion or a selling stake. Yet buried beneath their training and combined 40-years of active service in the armed forces, the collective, consisting of drummer Peter Greenberg, guitarist Steve Ebert and the enigmatic front-woman and chief songwriter Corrin Campbell, is categorically like most young bands, who’ve merged their lifelong love of music to create, record and release their self-titled debut, Dash|Ten, before hitting the road to play the entirety of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour.

However, the band’s unique military experience has equipped them with a series of distinctive qualities, irreplaceable and essential to the band’s vigorous charge and demonstrative framework. Driven by Campbell’s hindrances while trying to rebuild herself during a paralyzing period of her life, the songs echo her resolution to shove through the snags and thorns that slow us down. “People can feel stuck in life, and it takes a certain kind of energy to push through,” Campbell reflects on the makeup of the album. “The album is made up from my feelings, both positive and negative. It was reflecting on where I would go and how long it might take me to get there.”

Ultimately, Campbell’s struggles and experiences have prepared her to thrive in an industry often monopolized by men. “My first station was at Foot Hood, Texas. So as a woman, I was outnumbered 20-to-1,” she recalls. “So I always felt like there was a responsibility to speak up and give a path for anyone who wanted to fall in line with me. “I think that being a minority of any kind, let it be gender or race or sexuality, you have an alternate viewpoint from a majority of the people around you. I think that there are two options in that situation. You can either hide or you can stand up for it.”

It is her candid emphasis and avid desire to flourish, combined with an overpowering drive to establish a sincere relationship with the world that powers Dash|Ten. “I want people to find us authentic,” Campbell admits, reflecting on the exceedingly “live from the floor” process in which the band recorded. “The album is meant to sound like when you walk into a garage where your favorite band is practicing. It intentionally lacks glitz and glamor. It is raw. We’re not out there to be a polished packaged item. There is a real story behind every song. There is real heartbreak behind every song. They’re very vulnerable and soaked in truth.”

Her energy, combined with the technical training of Greenberg and Ebert, who spent years jet-setting to places like Seoul, South Korea, and Hawaii as hired musicians, explodes as it hits the tape. “Vocally, I have very little traditional training. The guys have done technical training for most of their career. They were drilled into knowing what they were doing. I’ve gotten to self-indulge. I can make the vocals sound the way that I want them to. So in a way, I got to invent my own sound. The combination has allowed us to make our sound.”

That sound detonates in tongue-in-cheek vivaciousness, piercing tendencies of persistence and demonstrative lyrics wedged over jagged, biting guitars and belligerent percussion.

Dash|Ten is Corrin Campbell (Vocals and Bass), Steve Ebert (Guitars) and Peter Greenberg (Drums).

SOURCE: Official Bio