99248-datnikkahoovDatnikkahoov is one of the most energized additions to the industry. Born in the hood of South Memphis Tn. Datnikkahoov grew up with one mission on his agenda, take care of his family. His mother was a single parent and witnessed the murder of his father who died in a community center at the young age of 18. After moving from Memphis at the young age of 11 he relocated to Peoria Il (Home of the great Richard Pryor). There he learned to hustle to feed his 3 Brothers and 1 sister. By 14 he was a father and a well-known figure in the streets.

Datnikkahoov was introduced to the music industry in 1998 by his uncle who released the underground classic Player Inc. which was released on the defunct Joey Boy Records. Datnikkahoov was featured on 3 songs on the album. The record saw moderate success and had some radio play in the south. In 1998 he performed at Atlanta’s legendary Freek-neek which caught the attention of the Atlanta music scene. With influences from southern acts like 8Ball and MJG, Scarface, UGK and 2Pac; Datnikkahoov became one of the south’s best story telling lyricists.

After taking a break from music due to the arrest of his mentor and uncle Mac Rhedd, Datnikkahoov is back to claim his spot in which he feels has been stolen. He released his Conecity The Arrival mixtape in 2014 with his labelmates Black Diamond, Hot-Damn, So Ready and Lefty G. The mixtape had mixed reviews but with the success of the anthem “Shots Fired” he quickly gained local fans in the Midwest and south. Now he’s releasing his debut single “Cause I Say So” from the upcoming Album titled “All Hell Broke Lose” on his own imprint Cone City Entertainment. This artist is definitely one to watch for. While some critics have compared him to the likes of Jeezy and Yo Gotti; Datnikkahoov says that he was in the Game long before they were heard of and he’s here to show the world why he is one of the best to ever do it.

SOURCE: Official Bio