Debby van Dooren, the youngest of five daughters was born and raised in Munich, Germany with multicultural roots having an American Mother and a German Father with Egyptian and Dutch ancestors. She has benefited from the combination of having both cultural influences yet always claims to feel “somewhere in between”. Singing and writing songs has come naturally to her growing up with a father who played several instruments and wrote songs himself.

At the age of eight years old Debby wrote and recorded her first song with a simple “snap-beat” and acapella vocal arrangements on to her tape player. By now her family knew she was serious about wanting to become a professional singer and songwriter and helped her create a makeshift studio in her bedroom when she turned 14. Her first demos that she produced and arranged on her own helped create her own unique sound she was looking for.

With influences such as Mariah Carey, Brandy and Destiny´s Child her melodies and vocal arrangements started to soar which lead her to pursue record companies with her mixtapes. As a child she starred in musical lead roles, was the lead singer in a Hip Hop girl group with professional vocal and dance training and started performing all throughout Germany. To gain a larger audience she decided to participate on “The Voice” (Germany) in 2015 which lead her to release her first EP “The Underdog” two years later that she co-produced.

Disney reached out to her in 2017 as she was cast for the German version of “Moana”. Debby´s latest single, “Camila”, which has a unique story behind it, is the first song off her new album, which will be released in 2019. She likes to describe her music as a mashup of catchy Pop tunes with R&B vocals.

SOURCE: Official Bio