Daily Dose: Decadent Nation - My KindDecadent Nation has been eviscerating stages for over a decade with their own, unique brand of modern blues-based rock. Having toured coast to coast and releasing multiple records to critical acclaim, DN focuses on turning each live set they perform into an unforgettable showcase of meticulous musicianship. With wailing guitars, soaring vocals, and a beat that shakes the booty, Decadent Nation leaves the crowd begging for more on a nightly basis.

While their genre seems straight forward, the band’s approach is anything but. In 2014, DN released a single a month in their “Record of Space and Time” series. The tracks included a bevy of guest musicians and offered experimental cuts at every turn. DN returned in 2016 with the barn burning single My Kind, a socio-political reflection of the times. With an increasingly volatile state of affairs in the US, Decadent Nation is now more relevant than ever.

SOURCE: Official Bio