Dee Gunnz, a young man born with Albinism, grew up in the projects of Alexandria, VA, was born and raised in VA, and had to grow up fast to deal with being different. Through all of this he always found an outlet in music to feel better. He began writing at age 8 but did not begin rapping until 2010. His music and lyrics are mainly about what he has been through, life, or just pictures he likes to paint with his words. Dee Gunnz dropped his first mixtape, entitled VIP (which is an acronym for Very Important Person, Verses In Perspective, and Vacation In Paris, a dream of his mothers that he hopes to give to her some day) on August 19th, 2011. The name “Dee Gunnz” was created by his friends as a modified version of his actual name, Djuarn Gunn.



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