Deep Jackson
Deep Jackson

Deep Jackson comes from a small, close knit town by the name of Welch, West Virginia. He has always been a lover of music, but he never thought he would end up doing it for a living. When he was younger, his mother would bring home copies of Word-Up Magazine from the store she worked at, so that he could hang up posters. Hip hop was about to become the biggest thing known to man. A standout athlete in high school, both in basketball and baseball helped prepare him for the competitive artform of rap music. He accredits his older cousins for training his ear early on to pick up on metaphors. He first flirted with idea of emceeing in 2005 with a compilation of old rhymes without any sort of 16 bar structure, by the piles. He was always sort of timid when it came to telling people what he thought was his new chosen path.

One day he approached his college roomate (Panama Jac) after finally building up enough courage to let someone in on his little secret. He spit for Panama Jac and his reaction was the exact reaction that he (Deep) had been praying for. He approached Panama because he knew that he was a straight-shooter and would tell him exactly what he thought. Plus he knew that Panama was heavy into Mobb Deep, Nas, and Wu-Tang so this was a major co-sign to Deep Jackson if he approved.

Next, he places a call to Mayne Feature, his childhood friend and let him hear the piles of unstructured raps and the rest is history. Mayne Feature who attended West Virginia University, while Deep attended Marshall University. Mayne Feature was working for the college’s radio station as a DJ, and he had known of a person who had a studio in the area. They setup a meeting with Marcus D-Trae at his studio in the backroom of his then single wide trailer. He ended up spitting all of those unstructured, yet potent rhymes over 18 different industry beats that were popular at that time. His first time in the booth, he did them all in one take and it took an hour and a half to complete his first project known as Controversy Volume 1. He made hundreds of copies and passed them out and he got great feedback. So what had started as a project, was now about to become his new way of life.

In 2006 he went to Atlanta because Mayne Feature had moved there after attending Full Sail to intern for V103 with Wanda Smith and Frank Ski. It just so happens that a well-known West Virginia artist was staying in the same complex that they were at. He goes by 6’6 240 and he was there working with Bubba Sparxxx and showed them mad love. Mayne Feature’s father saw thier vision and decided to buy them some equipment. They were missing a microphone and that is where 6’6 comes in. He let them borrow his mic to record some new stuff that never did see the light of day. Deep has always been appreciative for the gesture and they even did a song that never came out. Around this time he had just taught himself how to write 16’s and how to say a lot in as little wording as possible. That summer they made connections but Deep still did not consider himself ready just yet. After all most people had been rapping since they were around 8 years old. Although he had been a lifelong fan he didn’t seriously pick up a pen until around 21 years old, so he had some catching up to do to say the least.

The following years he kept plugging away, getting better and better line by line. He ended up opening up for T-Pain, Percee P, Bobby Valentino, Pastor Troy and Rich Boy. He did various open mic nights in Atlanta In 2008 he released his first official mixtape, Deep Jackson Vol. 1. This is when he changed his name for the better to Deep Jackson. He would go on to open for Pastor Troy and Bobby Valentino in the subsequent years.

In 2009 is when he finally hit his stride when he released “Sense Of Urgency” an 11 song EP that was released on 4/20/2009 via Itunes, CdBaby, Amazon etc., This cd firmly planted his status as an emcee growing and learning how to master his craft. In August 2010, he recorded, “Chin Music The 2012 Edition” and it is garnering a lot of underground buzz and came out on 1-1-11. He and Roosevelt Films dropped a video via Youtube and Facebook titled “Shivers” produced by Apollo Brown. He proves with this cd that he has mastered his craft and is a force to be wreckoned with.

Later that year he drops a 6 song EP titled, “Pretty Deep” where he connects with Pretty Lights for a majestic 30 minute masterpiece. He proves again that his evolution is far from over. It debuted in October 2011 and was very well received. In 2012 he started his blog which doubles as his Tumblr page and it has become a fairly popular blog. He doesn’t just post stuff about himself. He proves that he is politically, socially, financially aware of the world’s problem in addition to providing fodder for his NSFW fans. It is defintely a great site.

In May of 2012 he released, “Middle Finger Music” a joint mixtape with his partner in rhyme Panama Jac. It has garnered over 800 downloads on and proves that his songwriting capabilities are almost unmatched. The reason behind the title of Middle Finger Music, is it is widely known in our state that is resembles a middle finger. So that is why. Deep gives you a feel of the old-school with a new flavor that energetic yet poetic.

In the summer of 2013 he began working on the follow up to his debut EP and it will be titled “Sense Of Urgency 2: Still Got Work To Do” and it will consist of 10 tracks of his best work to date. I really feel that he is in his prime and this is his opus. His lead single, “Better Days” ft Sasha Colette debuted on Oct. 2nd 2014 and the cd will be released at the beginning of 2015. He is in a space now where is comfortable and it relays in the music.