1. Conquer Detonator 5:37

Detonator is a Swedish thrash metal band formed several years ago as a hobby project, originally, with only two members, Anders Elfving & Viktor Sheffield. In the beginning of 2013, Jocke Lindström joined Detonator as lead guitarist. After being noticed by an A&R at AMX (non-profit label), the song Memories of a Broken Soul was selected as track no1 on a freely distributed CD at Wacken Open Air.

After this positive response, the band started recording new material for an EP in 2013, spending more effort in making a better production. This resulted in a demo EP, In Solitude – Reborn, containing a mixture of new and old demo songs.

Shortly thereafter, Henrik Ryftenius was added to the line-up as basist/back vocalist and Jocke Wallgren (now Amon Amarth) joined as session drummer. Detonator had its first live performance in Stockholm in March 2014 and soon the recording of a new EP, titled The Burning Inferno, begun.

The Burning Inferno was released 2015 and was mixed by Torbjörn Endrell at Dreamhill studios in Stockholm and mastered at Cutting Room. Thereafter, a number of songs were recorded during several studio sessions and finally it ended up with Far From Fallen, a five-track EP released on November 27th 2020. Now the work to promote this EP takes over, to reach a wider audience including A&Rs, reviewers and other enablers.

SOURCE: Official Bio