Dizzy Box Nine is a pop-rock band out of Southern California. They play melodic, radio-friendly pop songs that have nearly instant appeal. The lyrics are clever and tight, and the instrumentation is dynamic and full. Dizzy Box Nine has been influenced by a variety of musical styles, over a broad range of genres–from Blink 182 and MXPX to the Cars, Train, and Tom Petty. Thier music is basic straightforward pop-rock with splashes of pop-punk sprinkled into the mix.

Singer-Guitarist, and band creator, Randy Ludwig, claims that this eclecticism is what helps give Dizzy Box Nine their signature sound. “We have been inspired by all types of music, and this clearly shows in our songs.” There are no fillers here. Randy’s motto is “start fast”. And, these songs seem to captivate, energize, and even, inspire–from the very first second of the record to the very last one. One thing is clear: the debut CD from Dizzy Box Nine is a well-put-together record with something for everyone.

SOURCE: Official Bio