When most hear the name “Aladdin,” they may think of the classic Disney movie. However, we’re not going to tell that ever-so-popular rags-to-riches story. Instead, you’re about to hear of a ‘rags-to-ratchet-rap’ real-life legacy. What follows is the ditty of DJ Aladdin and his magical muses.

DJ AladdinDJ Aladdin, a.k.a. Alphonso Henderson, is a producer, performer and rap/hip-hop artist who has traversed the world to become a self-made success. By utilizing his God-given talents and “minding his grind,” over the last two decades he has become a West Coast legend. DJ Aladdin “ain’t” no Disneyland, he’s all dazzle.

As a child, long before Alphonso Henderson became DJ Aladdin, the musical magic was already within him, it was innate. Alphonso first gained attention in the early 1980s at the now infamous KDAY AM 1580, where he was a Mix Show DJ on both the Greg Mack and the K DAY Mix programs. The AM station was the Mecca for any hip-hop, R&B and rap artist of the time. Henderson explains, “This was a huge break for me, an opportunity to not only show my skills yet also meet other artists.”

It was during this time that DJ Aladdin formed his first successful group called Low Profile with the Westside Connection’s, artist WC. The duo’s first debut was on a compilation produced by Ice-T and Afrika Islam. Westside Connection also included Ice Cube and Mac 10, and would go on to become a gangsta rap supergroup. However, this K-DAY “Daze” were just the early days of DJ Aladdin..

DJ AladdinBy the late 1980’s DJ Aladdin, knew he liked elements of musical styles on both coasts, the West and East. He had to conquer both to earn respect. What followed would be a series of incredible DJ Battles, also known as Disco Mixing Championships – or “D.M.C.s.” Aladdin would take his debonair and dazzle on the road, from The Golden State to New York, and even overseas. Henderson explains, “Look, I’m from Compton. So, going to the East Coast, right into the birthplace of hip-hop to face a challenge on their turf – this was an incredible and humbling challenge for me!” However, by 1989, DJ Aladdin was well on his way to becoming a legend, after beating almost every opponent, he was second place out of over fifty DJs from every other country. The magic of DJ Aladdin catapulted him to be named the 1989 East Coast DJ Champion.

After establishing himself as a legendary competitive DJ, Alphonso Henderson would concentrate his muses into expanding the magic of his production skills. In 1991, Henderson co-produced renowned rapper and actor, Ice T’s 1991 hit album, O.G. Original Gangster. His work beside A-list artists made DJ Aladdin’s popularity rise. His experience working with Ice T’s gold record also led DJ Aladdinto new opportunities, such as producing the music for the hit movie, New Jack City. Henderson elaborates, “I was blessed to get to produce the track “New Jack Hustler,” for Ice-T – and be involved with a film with such talented actors as Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock, and Judd Nelson.”

By the end of 1991, a whirlwind year of success for DJ Aladdin, he had evolved into a sought-after producer and was tasked with producing “Depths of Hell” along with Ice Cube and Ice-T.The track released with the 1992 movie, Trespass. DJ Aladdin added more credits to his credit. He produced the theme song for Denzel Washington and Ice-T’s movie, Ricochet. DJ Aladdin even caught the eye of a superstar icon in Minnesota. With a phone call from Paisley Park, he agreed to a collaboration with Prince to remix his hit song, “Get Off.”

During the early 90s, DJ Aladdin made his debut mixing for MTV’s top-rated show, Yo MTV Raps. Alphonso explains, “I’m a humble person and artist, but by the mid-1990s, it began to sink in that my alter-ego, DJ Aladdin, had achieved world-wide fame. It was a dream come true.” Aladdin’s hard work made him not only a West Coast legend yet also a famous DJ and producer in the upper echelons of the hip-hop community. After taking some much-needed time off, DJ Aladdin’s next goal was to develop artists and a label. He began working with Stac_a_Dolla with a new single off a new LP called, I Like Your Style. The song showcased DJ Aladdin’s precise and perfect production, blending house groove with sharp, tight lyrical spit lines.

In 2016, DJ Aladdin began work on his latest offering, West Coast Legend, a mixtape that shows his uncanny ability to cook up a stylistic recipe of ratchet rap, trap, and bake it in a West Coast DJ Aladdinflavor. “I call my sound a ‘Gumbo of Sound,’ seasoned with a variety of flavors and artists,” offers Aladdin. In fact, West Coast Legend, and the debut single, “It’s Going Down,” features an amazing team of artists from Doing 5 Much. Henderson offers, “I owe the attitude and energy of this mixtape to this group of talented artists, which include, Scales, BIG$$TIME, Cadalacc, King Weezy, Eddie Mac, and The Legendary Threat.

To top off 2016, DJ Aladdin received ASCAP awards and writer credits for two hit songs which he worked on – one of which was Jay Z’s “99 Problems.” He also was proud to write on Drake’s smash single “All Me,” which featured Big Sean and 2Chainz. Is DJ Aladdin “Doin’ Much” these days? You bet! He’s granting wishes by mastering, mixing and making new music – all with the help of his magical muses.

SOURCE: Official Bio