Dominic Argiro is an Independent singer/guitarist and songwriter from New Jersey creating multi-layered instrumentation with unique but simple melodies that anyone can enjoy. Dominic has been recording new music for years and studied music at both Berklee College of Music as well as Five Towns Music College and has developed a style heavily influenced by groups like The Eagles and Garth Brooks but with his own unique guitar style and melodies worked into the material. Pop/Rock with definite country influences which really come through on songs like “DO IT RIGHT” and “LETS DANCE TONIGHT”.

Many other tunes are available on itunes as well. Check out “NEXT TO YOU” , “PRAY FOR ME” and “UNSUNG” available now on Spotify and Apple Music. A harder edge comes through of songs such as “PUSHIN HARDER” and “CUT ME DOWN”. Dominick also goes into the funk realm with the song “TESTIFY” which showcases some unique chord progressions. Simple lyrics about starting over, love and redemption as well as just plain old fun. After enduring hardships in his personal life that inspired him to think about life in a differnt way and embrace change and second chances, he was inspired to create songs that could inspire other to do the same. HOPE YOU ENJOY.

SOURCE: Official Bio