100968-raw_doggin_loveDurango Dogs was resurrected from the San Francisco Punk/Metal graveyard in 2013 by. Working feverishly late with his band nights in a garage, frontman-guitarist Eric Durango stitched together songs infused with Rock, Metal, Blues, and Psychedelia. When he applied 1.21 Gigawatts of electrical current, Durango Dogs came to life.

From April 2014 to February 2016 Durango Dogs recorded “Raw Doggin Love”; a 10 song Digital Download, released on September 17th 2016 (available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody etc…) “Raw Doggin Love” is ten tracks stripped down to their guitar, bass, drums, vocal core, but energized with pure rock n roll chaos not heard since the days of “Never Mind the Bollocks”. Feeding off the ghostly remnants of San Francisco’s Thrash, Punk, and Psychedelic sound and injected with coarse, organic, bloody blues, Durango Dogs’ “Raw Doggin Love” is pure straight up Rock n’ Roll.

Eric Durango previously played in dozens of Bay Area bands over the decades, including Placenta, the Addictions, the Dirty Hands, and the Toxic Gods. He also collaborated with members of such legendary bands like Flipper, No Alternative, the Offs, The Screaming Bloody Marys and Minus One. After participating in too many failed projects, Eric created Durango Dogs to avoid having to learn a different band’s songs every six months. Durango recruited bandmates from the Addictions, the Love Machine, Placenta, and the Bleeder Project in a revolving cast of musicians. Currently, Durango Dogs is fronted by Eric Durango on Vocals and Guitar, “Q” on Bass, Toriii on backing vocals (both formerly of the Bleeder Project) and K-Dawg on drums (formerly of Placenta). Durango Dogs is currently playing shows on the West Coast in support of “Raw Doggin Love”

“It took two years to record but this record is saturated in rock, metal, and blues, tempered with doo-wop, acid rock, early 60’s Rn’B, and late 50’s Rock n Roll.Despite its meticulous production, it is a sequence of mostly complete takes, mostly first takes; a minimal amount of Pro-Tools chicanery involved. The music is stripped down to its bare essentials: Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals. And the music itself is stripped down, naked, conduit the carnal lusts, ecstatic desires, annalistic depravity…Raw Doggin’ Love.”

SOURCE: Official Bio