91449-CoverA new musical realm is rising on the complex map of modern aggressive music. Staking out new ground amid the countless categories of metal, the sound of bronze—intimate yet epic, fierce yet beautiful—has arrived. Its heralds are the two musical adventurers—the Queen, her Wizard and her Warrior—at the heart of Montreal’s Dush…

The term “bronze” is ideally suited to Dush. Brighter and warmer in appearance than most ordinary metals, bronze is an alloy, a fusion of copper with one or more other, non-metal elements. Likewise, Dush temper their basis in the focus and ferocity of heavy metal and industrial music with components from outside the parameters of the genres—consider the pop inflections in the chorus of “Circles” or the enveloping, mesmerizing mysticism of “Numb.” Moreover, among the physical properties of bronze is its resistance to rust, reflected in the timelessness of their sound. Paradoxically, Dush are absolutely up the minute in their approach to aggressive music, yet at the same time, they draw on melodies and atmospherics that evoke ancient truths, summoning to mind the Bronze Age and the mysteries of the cradle of civilization.