Dutch Holly
Dutch Holly

Jen and Tres are the inseparable dynamic duo of Dutch Holly. Both found their way to Phoenix, AZ and met one night by sheer coincidence or fate depending on who you ask. Jen’s band, Perspehone’s Picnic, was opening for Tres’ band, Dalmatian Car, in a bar that was open for one night only – that night – and then closed. When Jen finished her set, she pondered aloud from the stage, “Who’s gonna buy me a beer?” “That’d be me” replied Tres. She hasn’t bought a beer since.


What people are saying:

“Dreamy, hook-filled examples of pop craftsmanship…fans of smart, sweet tempered tunes are watching this ensemble.” Pop Rocket Press

“This duo can do anything, like MacGuyver with a broken light bulb, two matches and some twine.” Phoenix New Times

“I adore Dutch Holly’s eclectic sound and completely danceable tuneage!” The Noise

“Cool tunes sure to get people out of their seats and onto their feet.” Prescott Arts Beat