Dy MooB who came from Brazil to Europe in 2019, started to compose this song with plans to release an EP on her personal project, but after all her efforts came the pandemic that made it a little more difficult, even so, she managed, released his single that started to have some visibility quickly, came to lead the top of Pop Rock Brazil on the site Palco Mp3 which is the biggest promoter of Brazilian artists and until now leads the ranking of pop-rock in his hometown.

Soon after his release of the single “The shirt I wear” written by Dy MooB, it was heard on some Fm radio stations such as Phoenix98 FM in London, and some online radio stations in England, Russia and some South American countries, arrived among the top ten in the official playlist of Deezer Portugal and Cited in some Blogs like MTView.

Now with more excitement along the way, Dy MooB Already working on the production of his EP with 5 songs that will include “The shirt I wear” and scheduled to be released within 3 months, It has the participation of the virtuous guitarist “Kebras” who also is a talented music producer and will retain the original retro-black-pop theme created by Dy MooB.

SOURCE: Official Bio