1. Fragile Ebony Moore 3:23

It’s a heartfelt RnB/Soul track expressing my emotions after being in a turbulent marriage. A divorce is hard enough but then to be harassed by the individual I once loved and thought loved me is really disheartening. I wrote and recorded this song as a way to release the fear, anger and anxiety. I just want to live in peace, raise my beautiful son and eventually love again.

Ebony is a believer and dreamer! She’s a mama, musician, artist, comedian and writer who aims to uplift others as a multi-talent. The Tillery, North Carolina native is most proud of her only miracle child, David Josiah. DJ was born prematurely at 26 weeks weighing only 790 grams. Ebony is the author and illustrator of picture book series, “The Mighty 1” and “The Mighty 2”. She created these heartfelt stories to uplift other families with preemies and bring awareness to premature births.

Ebony releases music independently with hopes of inspiring listeners worldwide. She released her first album, entitled “Ebony” in 2015. Her music has been supported by radio stations like K-107fm JamZ, MuseBoat Radio, SeanRadio (Canada), NYCSfm, The N’Tuned Show, Snooze Blues & Jazz, Urban Music FM, DSL Radio, MuziCube, The Tuesday Crush Show with DJ Demo and Lopsided World of L/Indie1031 (Germany). She’s interviewed with media outlets including The Lady T Show, Power 95.5 FM, The Daily Herald, Femail.com.au Magazine in Australia, UrbSocietyMagazine, Gospel Frontiers (UK), The Creative Soul Show and Light On Light Through Podcast just to name a few.

Since 2012, Ebony has been bringing joy to others as the feisty but sweet church lady, Mother Tell All. She enjoys doing stand-up as Mother Tell All and shares videos on social media to spread love and laughter.

Ebony Moore is just a passionate artsy mama letting her little light shine! …that’s all

SOURCE: Official Bio