Eduardo is a performer and singer-songwriter. He was born in Lima, Peru and currently resides in the U.S. Since early in his career, he has traveled playing music around the US. Also recording and collaborating with different artists and in different genres. He has released 2 albums and one in-studio performance. His recent EP ‘Rusty Strings” was nominated in the Toronto’s independent music awards and featured in local and college radio.

His newest release “Sunrise” is set to be released for pre-order on June 5th, and available everywhere July 3rd. Below see what publications have said about it.

“Infusing a carefree attitude into music that also thrives on powerful messages that encourage listeners to ponder what’s going on in the world around them isn’t always an easy feat. But the Lima, Peruvia-born singer-songwriter, Eduardo, has stunningly done just that on his latest single, Sunrise

“Sunrise is a track that is full of heart. It creates a gentle atmosphere that projects a sense of ease not found in most mainstream music today. Review Fix

“Fans of beachy music and more mellow-sounding jams will want to check out “Sunrise”. Music existence

The message still makes itself known in a very big way – gratitude for the world around us and embarking on a new journey. Once that sun is up, anything is possible is the viewpoint I encountered in “Sunrise”. Indie source

His music has been described by Alec Cunningham of Memphis BLANK Newspaper the following way: “The music has a carefree attitude and combines sunny and beach vibes,” further stating, “the melodies of the songs seem to get people engaged and are such, that they would keep up with even the most well-known musicians of his genre”.

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