Elliston Stone was born in Sheffield England from Jamaican Parents.

My music aims to connect with people of all races with a one love vibe; the REAL everyday people of the world. Those people who want universal freedom and love. I believe in just spreading peace and love..

I am a singer-songwriter Born in Sheffield now living in Birmingham UK on a journey of artistic and self-discovery. Songs are about love and life written in a soulful vibe. It’s hard to pigeonhole the style that evolves from an acoustic foundation. Influences go from Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Prince, Seal, Bill Withers, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Gregory Porter, Chris Cornell, to name a few.

Music is like cake and everyone has their favorite style of cake, This music is not for everyone; it is raw and honest in its own style. I write simple songs about love and life because I believe was called to do it. It allows me to capture moments that I can share and hopefully connect with people in a good way emotionally and spiritually. This is what I do in my spare time to chill out, it brings me inner peace after a hectic day in the mad world of real life.

I hope that you enjoy listening to my music, I give thanks to the most – high for being able to share my songs with true music lovers.

Thanks for checking out my music and my profile. if there is a track that you like please make a purchase, all contributions are gratefully received they help me with my future musical projects.

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