eloah is the musical project of Elmar C. Fuchs. It started 1993. Until now, several audio CDs have been recorded, comprising the input of many other musicians to whom I send heartily thanks for their contributions.

The biography of the eloah project is best desribed by describing its results – the audio CDs:

2015: Planet Zargo
The guys from planet Zargo are coming – to sing with us, to have fun with us – and to share a meal with us. Moreover, they bring wisdom to our world. With this album the eloa? adventure continues, and this time it is wrapped around spiritual science fiction, expressed in terms of synthesizer and sequencer additions. Moreover, there is a new singer (Lila Herderberg), a new base player (René van Zonneveld), and new instruments are introduced to the listeners: Celtic harp and Chinese violin (“Erhu”). Not only those, but many other new elements substantially extend the musical space this time: “Mondstein”-type narrations (Dimanche Oublié) can be found next to typical eloa? songs á la “sands of time” or the ecumenical hymn “Ommanipadmehom” and “Sons of Light”, an affirmation of life. There is also disco-metal (Planet Zargo, The Glint); there are excursions into Latin American music (Batida de Coração and Primavera), musical and comedy (Feast of Mind and Jabberwocky), rap (Quinto Center 2) – and calming, spiritual singer / songwriter music (grace, little prince). Although it is not a concept album, the science fiction motif reappears a couple of times, binding these rather different songs together within the positive, optimistic atmosphere they all share.

2012: The Art of Loving
‘The Art of Loving’ a typical eloah album – singer/songwriter based song structures with new age, rock and a few jazz elements, and nevertheless it widens the boundaries of eloah music: Instrumentation and arrangements are more broadly applied while at the same time the songs are shorter and more compact. Whereas it is not a concept album, the topics are somewhat interrelated by a single subject: Redemption. This seems to be the red line through this conglomerate of styles and stories, which, however, are connected on a deeper, less obvious level: There is a cry for redemption of all humankind (last day of earth, Armageddon) which naturally comprises redemption of the single person, both in a very serious way (too close, one last time) or seemingly funny and superficial (the fly, chocolate covered bear). We hear that most of us are spiritually still asleep (human kind blues), but are slowly waking up (awakening). Finally we learn that prayer and forgiveness (pray to them) will eventually lead to redemption through love – as we love our planet (Pacha Mama) and as she loves us (apostles, traitors and messiahs). And within this universal love (a holy yes, light) the personal love (my home, the art of loving) is dwelling, a fountain of infinite possibilities which can all become real (abrakadabra) once we have (and are) forgiven and have thus embraced redemption.

2008: Ode To Brother Horn
Who is brother horn? Very seldom, you find people with whom you can communicate without talking – with whom you feel spiritually compatible. Jörg Horner (brother horn) was such friend for me – a soul brother. We could make music for hours and hours, inspiring each other, not thinking of what we were doing, just letting the music flow out, thereby creating itself. The CDs “Mondstein” and “mondstein 2 – ample jazz” are examples of that – this is heart blood music for me, it reaches deeply into my soul.
The music on this album was composed in the early 90s, a time, when we had a lot of fun together; a time, when I learned from him how to let myself fall into music. Although this music is somewhat different from what we created together, he was still my musical mentor at that time, listening carefully to each composition I proudly presented to him, planting the seeds of my musical evolution.

Jörg Horner is dead. My love for him lives. In order to honor his memory, I dedicate this album to him, to his widow and his daughter. In my heart, he will live forever.

2007: Silicon Rhythm
This is a CD full of power, fun, love and passion, dynamic impressions of the different shapes of life, sorrow and fun. It is about love, MSX computers, despair and the ways to deal with these emotions (or computers, respectively). It is about embracing the time we have on this planet – enjoying it, sucking out the marrow of life – seizing the day. This CD – especially the song “Silicon Rhyhtm” – is dedicated to my late friend Jörg Horner. May he rest in peace. In my heart he will always live on.

Die Sternenhafte (a trilogy)
Apart from the conventional eloah-art music, the Sternenfrau trilogy is something very differnt – and very special: This is the story of a loving soul translated into poetry and piano play. The ups and downs, the hopes and fears of a heart that truly loves are expressed in a very intimate, very romantic way. The piano miniatures build the bridges between the poems, each of which represents the imprint of one of the many faces of true love.

Neben der konventionellen eloah-art Musik stellt die Sternenfrau – Trilogie etwas sehr anderes, sehr Spezielles dar: Dies ist die Geschichte einer liebenden Seele, übersetzt in Lyrik und Klavierspiel. Die Hochs und Tiefs, die Hoffnungen und Ängste eines wahrlich liebenden Herzens werden auf eine sehr intime, romantische Art und Weise dargestellt. Die Klavierminiaturen bilden hierbei Brücken zwischen den Gedichten, von denen jedes einzelne ein Abbild von einem der vielen Gesichter der wahren Liebe darstellt.

2006: A Matter Of Time.
This is a CD full of love and passion, ballades of the different shapes of the heart in all its colours. It is about true love and the ways to deal with that emotion. The CD – especially the song “You Are A Diamond” – is dedicated to my Queen of the Stars, my beloved Astrid, who keeps inspiring me. The last two tracks, however, are dedicated to my late friend Jörg Horner. May he rest in peace. In my heart he will always live on.

2004: the end of wisdom – a musitale
The musitale “the end of wisdom” is the most complex work of eloah-art. Comprising different storylines as well as philosophical views, the music is used to unify these elements to a consistent artwork. This is a so-called “musitale”, a musical with rock- and chansonlike elements. A story of someone who sees more than the rest (at least he thinks that) and who acts upon this insight. The music is mighty, sometimes weird, and sometimes really fragile…

Mondstein 2: ample jazz
The CD “ample jazz – mondstein 2” was created from many hours of jam-sessions of elmar c. fuchs, jörg horner and markus sworzik. the unique voice of horner, not as classical as heard in the lo-fi suite “mondstein”, but more detailed, fine, combined with the jazzy drumplay of sworzik give the almost classical pianoplay of fuchs a new style. From pop to jazz, even a little bit of rock (thanks to peter jaklitsch on “adejö”), the emotional spectrum of this almost eerie work ranges from funny and bright (diamond, haheia) to dark and weird (the night when the bear was murdered) whereas it also reveals total musical freedom (velvet sunrise).

2002: Mondstein
The CD “mondstein” was created from many hours of jam-sessions of Elmar C. Fuchs and Jörg Horner. The unique voice of Horner, very classical and innocent, but very detailed, fine, combined with the raw pianoplay of Fuchs a completely new style. From soul to classic, even a little bit of spiritual atmosphere, the emotional spectrum of this almost eerie work ranges from funny and bright to dark and weird whereas it also reveals total musical freedom. The LO-FI recording of voice and piano (not of the ochestra) makes this CD to a unique masterpiece for the bon vivant.

1998: just blood
Just blood… heart blood. This CD contains chanson music with rock, new age, pop and little jazz elements, but one thing is clear: every track is filled with heart, with emotion. The outcome sounds like acoustic rock music filled with love for details. The CD “just blood” combines the rock elements of the guitarist p. jaklitsch (peter jackson) with the dark, severe chanson-music of e.c. fuchs, not to forget the jazz-like drumplay of d. goesseringer, which rounds the CD to a true specialty.

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