1. Lonely Nights Emotional Relation 4:38

Emotional Relation is a band for those who are looking for someone who feels what they’re feeling… You don’t have to understand it fully, (is that even possible?) you just recognize the validity of the feelings and try to provide an answer to the problem. And an assurance that things get better. We go through many things in life and many times those supposed to guide us (e.g. the older generation) slag us down, trivialize our feelings or just simply don’t relate. Why? Because they’re already past it. Perhaps maybe their older generation never helped them, so they assume the best way to do things is to ignore it and we’ll all get past it on our own. That’s true for some of us, but it’s hardly the best way to nurture someone into being a healthy self-sustaining human being. The truth is, sometimes we are overdramatic and we don’t realize it. But it doesn’t make our feelings invalid. Only our perception of what they mean.

We want people to hear these songs and think, “Wow, I’ve been through that, myself.” Then we want to help those people deal with what they are going through and feeling so that they can grow and learn how to cope and find meaning in life. We want to give an answer to the problems. Even if it’s a Sunday school answer. The songs are sometimes dark and the emotionality is sometimes extreme and intense because that’s reality. We don’t compromise on intensity, heaviness, emotionality, lyrics, or honesty. Which sometimes makes the songs painful to read lyrically. But life is painful to feel.

Above all else, we dearly want this music to HELP people, to find them in a dark place and lead them into a place of light. To lead them to step out in faith to improve and remove their failures as far as the east is from the west. To really make a difference in this dark world that simply needs someone to do so. And if the music didn’t make a difference, then what was really even the point?

SOURCE: Official Bio