Hailing from the mud of Canada’s capital region, Evil Creek is a 4-piece rock band that forges music honoring multiple musical traditions and appealing to a wide audience.

With a heavy groove behind energetic acoustic guitar riffs and eerie melodic vocals, Evil Creek’s unique high-energy sound leaves audiences in awe. Formed in 2017, the band unites a group of accomplished musicians who capture the power and authenticity of unplugged musical performances honed through years of road work and playing live.

Known for powerful lyrics and great song-writing, Mark Garrod is the poet-warrior that delivers once-again. Cliff Chamberlain’s dangerous and seductive guitar draws us in and won’t let go. Fueling the engine is a rhythm section with equal parts savagery and surgical attack, with Rus Miller’s acoustic bass serving as the perfect partner to Steve Thompson’s masterful percussion.

Evil Creek is working hard to write the songs and play the music that tells your story and lets you know you are not alone. Music, in the end, no matter how hard, how naughty, or how brutal, is about love. We look forward to meeting you.

SOURCE: Official Bio