96991-EWD_Promo_picExperimenting With Dawn is a Nashville, TN based Gothic Rock outfit. Their dynamic approach is due to the amalgam of styles and influences shared by its members; Gabrielle Fae (vocals) and Michael Louis (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). Bridging a classic Gothic feel with elements of Shoegaze and Ambient Rock, Fae and Louis have created a sound unique to their Post-Punk counterparts.

Fluid vocal styles compliment impassioned instrumentation on each track. Deliberate layering of sound strives to treat the listener to an aural emprise. Factor in Pop/Dance sensibilities, and you have a perfect cauldron of brooding, astute Rock.

With its foot planted in the staunchly independent conclaves of Gothic culture, Experimenting With Dawn is gradually finding its way into the foreboding, misty horizon.

SOURCE: Official Bio