8247_799657970178112_9108901654074722020_nBorn in La Spezia in 15 fasting of 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza surrounded by the radiant nature of those places, spending his time surrounded by the panorama of the sea and hills of drawing and painting these landscapes, drawing inspiration for his later works.

Later he enrolled in the Art School in La Cardarelli spice, where his artistic side emerges more and more, finding interest in the world of writing, a little later writes the draft of his book The Secret of the orchard. Near the beginning of his senior year of high school a childhood friend suffers an accident, making change course to the artist, with special emphasis to the music world.

From qull’incidente writes a poem dedicated to her but then made a successivamne song. Finished school began to lavoare by his uncle manager of a bar – restaurant located in Vernazza that, over time, began to save money to take private lessons in piano and singing managing to finish the song that came into his head on his missing friend, naming it “a spark.”

Shortly after also it creates a music video on his song after creating other video of his unpublished until the completion of the album, taking the name of the CD from the song dedicated to it: see a spark. After the implementation and the completion of his book The Secret of the orchard, Federico focuses on the promotion of the cd and his book, which follows creates a promotional video using the views and mysterious places that make it from Vernazza frame.

At the same time he meets a girl of Turin for which decides to go and a day to find. Turning together for the city takes inspiration for her second novel ; the king of the light the order of the dark gods.

SOURCE: Official Bio