Born in La Spezia on June 15, 1991, Federico Carro grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by the luscious nature of those places, spending his time, lost in the view of the sea and of the hills, drawing and painting landscapes, drawing inspiration for his future works. At the primary school, he knew a girl who became his best pal, and with whom he spent laughter and joyful moments.

After finishing the primary school, Federico enrolled in the intermediate school T. Signorini in Riomaggiore, and then in the School of Arts Cardarelli in La Spezia, where his artistic penchant became more and more clear, revealing his interest in the world of writing. Soon after, he became writing the draft of his first book “Il segreto del verziere”. At the start of his last year in high school, his best friend was injured in an accident; this event made him change course, pushing him to focus on music. On that ac

cident, he wrote a poem dedicated to her, which later will become a song. After finishing school, Federico began working with his uncle, who owned a restaurant- bar in Vernazza. At that time, he met a girl from La Spezia and, strolling around Florence with her, he composed a poem that described the day spent together, which later he turned into a song called “Thank You for Your Time”.

More and more interested in pop music artists such as Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston, but also Latin Pop, such as Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira, Federico put up a show where he would impersonate his idol Michael Jackson, and took lessons of Hip Hop in the Dancing Project Center in La Spezia to dance like him. While performing in his bar in Vernazza and in the neighboring joints as Michael Jackson’s tribute artist, he knew a British girl and one day decided to visit her in London, a visit that inspired him a poem that he later turned into a song called “Languido rimorso”. In time, he began saving money to take private lessons of piano and singing, broadening his interest in Blues and Jazz. During one of his tribute shows to Michael Jackson, a local girl caught Federico’s attention, who wrote for her a song called “”Influenza angelica”. One day, on his way back from his piano lesson, observing the sea surrounding the village of Portovenere in Liguria, a very melodic and catchy refrain came to his mind; he recorded it on his cell phone and then made a song out of it, which he called “Lovely storm”.

While his interest in pop music and jazz kept growing, with the composition of new music works, Federico kept on writing his novel, “”Il segreto del verziere”, and, in the meantime, with a friend who played the saxophone, he formed a small band. Playing mainly jazz, blues and Bossa Nova as a piano player, his interest in recording his own cd grew by the day, pushing him to finish the songs he had written for his dead friend, calling it “”Come un Lampo”. Soon after, the band disbanded and each member took his own way. Federico decided to finalize the project of his cd and found an independent recording studio in Carrara called Nautilus Rec Studio. Thanks to the help and support of various collaborators, Federico completed the album and called it “Come un lampo”, in loving memory of his departed childhood friend. Later, he also recorded a video clip of the single “Come un lampo”. Concurrently, he managed to finish his book, “Il segreto del verziere”, and other music videos such as “Lovely Storm”” and “”Replace My Soul”, the latter inspired by a love story gone sour with a French girl.

Focusing on the promotion of his cd and of his novel, he made a promo video of his book, using the mysterious places and recesses that surround Vernazza. At the same time, he met a girl from Turin, and one day he decided to a visit her. Walking around town with her, he drew inspiration for his second novel “Il re della luce l’ordine degli dèi oscuri”. Later he knew Marco Stanzani, promoter of many artists such as Lunapop, Renato zero, i Pooh, Paola e Chiara, Modà, Loredana Berté, who launches him on the chart with “Brucerei il fuoco per te” taken from his first album “Come un lampo”.

This hit places in 36 position in the chart of independent artists, on the chart of emergent artists in 5 positions and second for two weeks on the chart in Absolute Beginners of Rockol between rookie artists most listened to the radio in Italy. In the meanwhile the hit was transmitted in hundreds of radios in all Italy, Federico comes back to Turin to film the second book trailer of his second novel. In Turin, he was approached by an international record company of New York: the Bentley Records that collaborated with Sony Universal Music and Warner Music and promoted his second album unpublished abroad.