Flight To Paris - Blue Water
Flight To Paris – Blue Water

The group started in the Early 90’s around 95, Not too late but not too early, We come from Wealthy Influential backgrounds but We’re not rich kids just looking for something to do on the weekends, We eat breathe and sleep music, That’s who we are as people. We love music and we continue making music to this day because that’s what we love doing.

We’re influenced by alot of different people, Such as TYCHO, Asap Rocky, Tiesto, UZ, XXYYXX, Clams Casino, FLUME, Hardwell, DjCarnage, Darude, HUCCI, Stooki Sound, Yung Lean, And many more that we love so much. When you do stick around you won’t be disappointed I promise that, When you follow us you’re following a society of members that understand the same things as you in a sense. We are not signed to any Labels at the present moment, Do we want to be signed?

IF perhaps the right label approached us then we would be happy to converse on that but at the moment we are not signed and we release and distribute our own music using our resources. Anyway this is us, We love music, We love making music.

We hope to have hair as awesome as Seven Lions one day, haha we love him and his music, Follow us for works of art and you definitely won’t be disappointed, And feel free to send us a message regarding Collaborations and what not, We love hearing new stuff.