Freddy D
Freddy D

Born and Raised on Long island, Ny To Marshall Smith (Deceased), and Cecil Smith although his father left his mom to raise Five boys on her own, Freddy d was brought up in the church, his mother would make all of her sons go every Sunday. she also promoted gospel shows and groups, For which Freddy-D would sometimes emcee the age 9 Freddy-d grew up wanting to be a basketball player, he would work endless nites working on his skills. he was very good that he made every team that he tried out for. he use to dance and tell jokes as a kid. it wasn’t until he got hurt that he realize his passion for music. his older brother (Shelah) a rapper had some equipment young Freddy-d would make his first real beat. although his first song was created on a karaoke machine.his child hood friend and partner Shamiek moye (Deceased) passed the record to Joe smith of the Smith Brothers, he really like his music, and challenged Freddy-D to stick to his dream.

1996- After a performance at a children’s shelter in hempstead NY, Freddy D was approached by public enemy’s own Chuck D who would give Freddy-D great praise on his performance. Although they didn’t make a connection. it did leave Freddy-D with the confidence to continue on in the path he was heading.

2000- Freddy-D was working at a Religious Store in Hemp stead NY, where he would then meet underground, recording artist Bumpy Knuckles.where they would talk about the ever changing music business it was there where entertainment lawyer Rich London was given a record Freddy-D made along with killer instincts CEO Button pusher, Rich threw some guitars riffs on the record and took it to Nile Rodgers, the creator of Halo. Nile wanted Freddy-D and Rich to produce a hip hop and rock n roll record. Because of musical differences the deal was not closed.

2003- Now in Virginia working on a record with his Brother Breeze they formed the group “Brothers Keeper” they were being courted by numerous labels, showcasing for Black rose the time Freddy-D was going by Hard Tymez.

2004- Back in Ny Freddy-D recording “Book of Tymez’ Under the name Hard tymes, although it was never put out it was acclaim a very solid record By Commons, Dj Dummy.

2012- currently shopping his records around, Freddy-D has establish a strong fan base, that really can produce some incredible numbers.

2013- Freddy D Released New Single “LEt ME Be” Ft AKila, The Record is receiving National Attention. and is the first Record From Freddy D’s forthcoming Lp, “HB” which was released 01/07/2014 on Freddy D’s Own label GSmg.

2004- Book of tymez
2008- Assassination of Poverty
2011- Simple Things
2011- mix tapes- Microphone fiend, The World is yours, America’s most wanted all available online.
2013- Single LEt Me Be Ft Akila
Round Here Ft Cannerrow, Ariana Draper.