93127-One_Man's_Way_albumWith the release of his full length album, One Man’s Way, Garry Ball brings an indie attitude to southern Americana folk. Lush with layered guitars, catchy songwriting, and an almost classic rock aesthetic, the record touches on all kinds of real life experiences. Though songs are diverse from one another; there is a glue that holds the songs together almost like a concept album.

The first single, “Straight Up” is a beautiful and full classic folk track that breathes and grows as it plays on and tells it’s story.

“I was trying to make a point with “Straight Up”. From the heart and to the point, I’m telling you straight up. It’s about life truth for wanting real true love”

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Garry is coming from, it should be heard in it’s entirety.

Hailing from Ohio, song writer Garry Ball has always had a great love for music. Starting in retail management for record and music stores, he learned to play guitar and eventually began teaching lessons in the art, and still does. Through out his love of music, Garry began writing his own material until he had enough to release his album.

“My goal is to be true to the songs I write. I don’t actually have any particular genre in mind when I write, it’s always just straight forward and from the heart.”

Garry Ball is currently giggin in his local Ohio area and is planning more shows in support of his new release. He is also currently already working on his upcoming release for early 2016.

SOURCE: Official Bio