12651125_804711893005757_3434102015028942178_nGasparilla…. Pirate Rock Opera… Tells the story of the legendary Buccaneer / Privateer Gasparilla’s exploits in the Gulf Of Mexico & Beyond. The Rock Pirate trio tell the story in song of sailing tongue & cheek to Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Cancun, Key West, Nassau, Miami, Seville and more… Each port of call has a unique song & and blend, with Anthems, Rock, Country, Folk, Dance, & Reggae songs guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

In fact, in Tampa bay, the legendary Gasparilla is celebrated every year with a parade with hundreds of thousands of people at the end of every January giving out beads and trinkets to the people. In New Orleans, Gasparilla celebrates his Marte Gras with his song “Party Animal” and sings a tap dance song with his nemesis / ally in war “Commodore Porter” (Pirate Hunter.) On a break from his Buccaneer life, Gasparilla hid out in Cancun where he wrote his Dance Hall song “Hot Tamale,” and his song of unrequited love “As You Are.” These are just some of the songs featured in the Rock opera with the live show to culminate with the song “Key West Girl” for the pirate beauty contest / Masquerade ball song.

Gasparilla & The Buccaneer Band are three virtuosos. What sets the band apart is the butt kicking’ one take band performance attitude…. three-part harmonies featuring Gasparilla on Guitar and vocals with cohorts Smith & Wesson on drums & Bass. (Remington Smith’s drums that are the same exact model used by the rock drum god himself John Henry Bonham (Led Zeppelin,) are matched with Colt Wesson’s Pirate Star Bass lines. The band is ready to storm the stage, now out with their new single “Cuba Libre”.

While hiding out as a musician in the 21st century Gasparilla’s alter ego has had his music on TV and film. His music has been heard on NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, MTV, Nickelodeon, Disney, Comedy Central to name a few, as well as productions in 20 nations worldwide. As a songwriter and musician, he has written and recorded with members of rock bands including Springsteen’s E Street band, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Nektar, toured with the Lester Lanin Big Band and as a band leader with his own original Rock & Pop songs & music productions (licensed by EMI and Zomba) he was the opening band act up for Rick Derringer, Ritchie Havens ,Return To Forever, Chick Corea and The Turtles

SOURCE: Official Bio