97505-G_a_tI was born in Marseille, at the beginning of the autumn, 1996. Very fast fascinated by music, I learnt to appreciate the classic music when my mother vocalized in the kitchen but also the Corsican singing, during summer, at my grandmother’s house.

The electric guitar was the first instrument to which I turned, not the easiest, certainly, but it allowed me to express myself by singing. I then adopted the acoustic guitar, my most faithful ally in my knocks of blues … Then my side ” touch everything ” led me towards the piano. It is especially by intuition and pure pleasure that I sing, occasionally on small stages, with these instruments with a certain shyness but always a huge happiness. Singing represents my most beautiful adventure and it is with a lot of emotion that I share these simple moments with my family and my friends, who are my main source of motivation.

An album? I dreamed about it secretly without daring to hope for it, today it is a reality that I begin to realize.

SOURCE: Official Bio