GiantJr. is a long-distance collaboration between Michael Corby and Jacob Resch, brothers in-law, who wrote and recorded their first album Walrus between Denver, CO and Grand Rapids, MI respectively. The project was birthed from songs Michael and Jacob were sending back and forth to each other. These songs began taking shape into what has become the Walrus EP.

Michael and Jacob were both introduced to songwriting while learning to play the piano and guitar in their early teens. Both members have played in bands ranging from punk-rock to comedic rap. Michael has also developed skills in music production. Without any formal education or training, Michael mixed the entire album himself.

GiantJr. melds Michael’s ear for captivating melodies and introspective lyrics, with Jacob’s searing guitar solos and textured fills. This combination has been described as “thoughtful, radio friendly” music. On the surface, it offers the listener an accessible listening experience. Upon a closer look, it offers clever, surreal lyrical backdrop.

Walrus has already received glowing feedback. It has been praised by fans and featured on music blogs, such as New Indie Daily. GiantJr. is beginning to release their music to the public and have immediately been approached to play live, which they will begin in May 2017. Enjoy.

SOURCE: Official Bio