I am just a simple songwriter who enjoys writing songs that people can relate to. Either through my personnel experience or situations that occur to me and I am compelled to make into a song for me, and hopefully other peoples enjoyment.

The latest of my albums is called ‘KISS THE SUN’. It started its journey in Iguana Studios in Brixton South London (but with problems)

However, while gigging I met up with a fellow musician by the name of Fred Renaldi . He explained he had a studio in Brussels Belgium on returning I contacted him and sent him my work in the hope he could salvage something from the mess! He put some bass and some percussion on the tracks and a lot of changes with my cooperation we got so far but I still wasn’t happy. Then at another gig met Matthew Kitchner who I instantly got on with and knew he was the man to finish what Fred and I had started!

In his studio in Crystal Palace in London files were transferred to him and both he and I worked on them until finally, I was happy. They weren’t perfect but I was happy. Finally, it’s out there and the journey complete.

I hope like me you find something to Enjoy on the Album and join me in my journey that for me is only just starting with this and another new album soon to be released I will be out there gigging with rescued vigor and Enjoying what for me is everything I enjoy about the Music I love to create.

SOURCE: Official Bio