GMH is not your “normal” band, we didn’t want to form a band quotes Justin Craig, we wanted something different, something that would be huge sounding yet easy to maintain and keep together during the writing process, so at this time it’s simply a rock band made up of only two guys that love music, with a combined talent of 40 years in the music industry, Justin Craig and Chris Challice decided it was time to come together and do some recording.

Their debut 5 song EP titled Episode 1 was recorded and mixed by Phil Anderson at Power Sound Studios in Edmonton Alberta, after 10 months of pre production work on this disc. Mastering was completed in Nov 2014 by Maor Appelbaum @ Maor Appelbaum Mastering-California-USA.

We look forward to releasing this disc to the public only via the GMH website. We made the decision to let the music sell itself instead of jamming down peoples throats, will let the pubic decide if they like it or not.

Justin Craig and Chris Challice met about 4 years ago while Challice was playing in a band called Killinger and were looking for a bass player, Justin knew right away after their first meeting at a rock club in Edmonton, Alberta that they were going to get along just perfectly. Justin and Challice held up the rhythm section for a solid 4 years together touring the USA and Canada with bands like, Honeymoon Suite, Black Label Society, Pop Evil, Protest The Hero, Stryper, Iced Earth, Hellyeah and Volbeat. After the 4 year stint the kill guys all had decided to take a break, this is when this story gets all put into place.

Justin had been writing and recording with a side band for the past 10 years called the Sound Salesmen in Edmontonbut was starting to think about recording some new tracks with Phil Anderson @ Powersound Studios, Justin had hinted to Challice about getting together and recording, Challice decided to head up to Edmonton late fall of 2013 and start to work on some new material, that’s when everything fell into place, full on jamming in Justin’s living room converted into a make shift studio rehearsal room, cat, dog, coffee machine, and Xbox.After about a week of bouncing new ideas off each other things started to come easy, taking some older songs and making them new again plus writing new songs. Justin was itching to get into the studio and start laying down these new tracks.

In Oct/Nov 2013 Challice and Justin hit the studio for the start of pre production recording ideas for the debut EP “Episode 1” with the help of Phil Anderson as our engineer and working all mixing duties about one tune a month came into it’s finished state.

Fast forward to April/May 2014 and let the recording begin of drum/bass tracks, after 6 days solid all rhythm tracks were now complete and ready for Justin to bring his magic to laying down all guitars and vocal tracks. We took our time Justin explains as we had the time to make each song sound the way we wanted in recording, mixing as well as Maor Appelbaum doing the mastering duties.

This wasn’t an easy process being only a two man band for now but we are all very happy with the end result, it is a kick ass huge sounding EP for everyone to enjoy as we made sure to appease young and old with 5 tracks that range from hard rock, alt rock, pop rock. If the demand is made strong enough we will form a full group and tour this GMH Machine!