It’s not all the time we can thank the parents of a great artist for giving them the push they needed to get where they are now, but in this case, it surely is. While growing up, Greg Whitney had parents that made him take music lessons from mandolin to piano and guitar.

As a youngster, he foolishly quit the lessons, as most do, but stuck with the guitar, as most do. Loving the fact that he didn’t have to take lessons to learn to play, he ended up playing in a high school band and dabbling in writing songs of his own. That is of course, until one day after dropping someone off at an airport, he wrote the lyrics to a song later called “1600”. The song seemingly filled itself out and everything changed from there.

Taking the next 2 years, Whitney honed in on his songwriting and recording techniques, and finally, the Awkward album was born.

SOURCE: Official Bio