95263-Press_Shot_for_True“Authentic” is the word most frequently used to describe Gypsy Soul and their music. They are a duo with an intimacy that comes through clearly, attracting listeners with their unique blend of Acoustic Rock, Pop, Blues & Soul and a DIY back story every bit as compelling.

Never will you hear two songs alike. Sure, their music is based on a through-line of Morykit’s rich orchestrations and Swann’s passionate voices and captivating lyrics creating the recognizable GYPSY SOUL sound, but each CD is a lone journey steeped in universal desires and concerns, loves and losses.

Over the years the duo has produced 12 CDs, each a collection of exquisitely composed songs reflecting their lives at that time, and each a journey evolved from, and moving beyond those that came before. With their latest release, True, the duo wanted to take that idea even further. They wanted to capture the live essence that their fans love, in an album that wasn’t a live album.

“It’s a performance record,” says Cilette “A number of the songs were recorded live in one or two takes with either the guitar, drums and voice, or bass, drums and voice.” Roman adds, “We wanted to record the album old school in a great sounding room using vintage gear which we hadn’t been able to do since our 1st and 2nd records.”

The couple took their idea to their fans who donated over $52,000 in a one night fund raiser and an IndieGoGo campaign. They were able to work with Grammy Award winning engineer, Dennis Dragon in his Neve equipped studio in S. Oregon and create possibly their finest work to date. They both agree that it really is the truest representation of who they are and what they believe.

-Gypsy Soul is singer/lyricist, Cilette Swann, and multi instrumentalist/composer/producer, Roman Morykit. Now, with 13 albums and over 1.6 million downloads, their music has been featured in television shows such as Providence, Roswell, and Felicity, among others. Gypsy Soul have had a Top 40 hit at Adult Contemporary radio with “Silent Tears,” and scored in the Top 5 on many other radio charts. In their 15 year professional recording and touring career, they’ve won numerous independent music awards along the way, including the Independent Music Awards, International Acoustic Music Awards, Just Plain Folks and honors at Lilith Fair.

“I really enjoyed Gypsy Soul’s CD, True! They have a truly unique sound! Cilette takes Hallelujah to a new place.”
-Aaron Neville

“True is finely-spun gold.”
-Sue Ennis, Heart/The Lovemongers

“Cilette Swann’s voice is haunting and Roman Morykit’s musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit.”
– Monica Rizzo, PEOPLE Magazine

”Four stars.” “…Catchy, folk-based pop/rock songs with inventive arrangements suggested what a second Buckingham Nicks LP might have sounded like if Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had not joined Fleetwood Mac.”

“Gypsy Soul is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking. The most original material in the folk-rock scene today, totally unique and captivating.”
– Orange County WEEKLY

“A gorgeous mix of rich female folk, pop, jazz with touches of bluegrass. This is highly enriched folk that nourishes the dried up gardens of the soul.”

“A musical marriage that spans the globe, a self-invented, organic sound that has roots in rock and soul, country and folk, blues and New Age, with vocals and lyrics intertwined like a pair of life-long partners inspiring others to follow their dreams.”
– ROY TRAKIN (Hits Daily Double Magazine)

“The pair have a truly enchanting sound, mesmerizing and soul-striking. Think of them as a world music version of Sarah McLachlan.”

“Swann posesses a versatile, intense and expression-filled singing voice. Roman is an accomplished musician…his mixing and production on this set is totally top drawer.”