Dreamy slow beat rock duo with a touch of melancholy; electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox & a rhythm box… duo sounds like a full band as they use bass-octave pedals for the guitar and a rhythm composer… enjoy a slow pace in a fast world.

What if… with just female vocals, 1 piano, and 1 electric guitar/bass you sound like a band

What if… piano and electric guitar somehow entwine in a special way

What if… the simple sound of a drum machine seems just right

What if… you turn the tempo down to a slow beat and…

What if… two band members are more than enough

What if… you’re addicted to happiness, but in this world of contrast at the same time touched by melancholy

Happy to meet you…
we are Happiness Junkies

with El – vocals, piano & Onno – guitar/bass, drum programming

presenting to you our mastered album with emo slowbeat rock; electric guitar and piano entwined, female vox & a rhythm box

o yeah, to add bass to our sound, we use octave pedals and a pretty smart ‘ALT’ (by Andy Alt, California) octave pickup on a Telecaster guitar.

Our Happiness Junkies debut contains 10 original songs, written, recorded, mixed & produced by HJ and mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering, Los Angeles, CA.

SOURCE: Official Bio